Return on Investment of Automated Time and Attendance

Not convinced our Automated Time and Attendance services are right for your business? Return on Investment (ROI) is a way to determine the overall financial benefits you can have with our ATA system. Lastly, wouldn’t you invest in a system that can provide you with an annual ROI of at least 200 to 500%?

When you take into account:

  • Much Better Accuracy of Hours Worked 
  • Significantly Reduced Payroll Processing Time,
  • Greatly Reduced Payroll Error Rate,
  • Well Reduced Payroll Redo’s,
  • Better Control of Overtime Costs 
  • Improved Definition of Labor Costs 
  • Exceptional Control of Labor Costs,
  • Reduced Unauthorized Leave Time,
  • Reduced Payroll Inflation,
  • No Time Card Costs,
  • No Time System Maintenance Costs

You cannot help but realize a big savings and return on investment with Time & Pay’s ATA system.
Furthermore, if you have 9 or more employees, you will find that this system will pay for itself in a matter of months. The more hourly employees you have, the more the savings and the bigger the return.

To help you determine your ROI for using our ATA system, use this detailed Automated Time and Attendance Savings Calculator.

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