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As you know, workers compensation insurance is directly tied to your payroll.  Stop estimating payroll costs, paying large down payments, and dealing with annual audits!  We can work directly with your insurance agent and carrier to save you time and money, and improve your cash flow.

How We Help

Payroll Reporting

We can report actual payroll costs to your insurance carrier on a monthly or per-pay-period basis for accurate premium calculations.

Premium Payments

We can automatically submit premium payments to your carrier for continued coverage!

Reduced Down Payments

Most pay-as-you-go policies require a lower down payment because premiums are based on actual payroll costs instead of estimated totals!

Audit Assistance

We will assist with your year-end audit, and provide your carrier with the payroll information that they will need.

Improved Cash Flow

Since premiums are based on true payroll costs, you will no longer have to pay large lump sums at your renewal because payroll was underestimated!

We Save You Time

You will no longer have to deal with monthly invoices, paying premiums, or lengthy year-end audits!

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