Restaurants & Hospitality

Between managing your inventory, kitchen, menu, employees, and customer experience, do you really have time to worry about payroll? Time & Pay has worked with restaurants and hotels for nearly 30 years to help you comply with IRS and Department of Labor regulations, take advantage of tax credits, and make payroll as simple as possible.

Payroll Services

Are you using a POS or management system to track employee hours? Simply send us a report each pay period and we’ll make sure minimum wage requirements are met, payroll taxes are filed accurately, and your employees are paid on time.

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Employee Onboarding

Easily collect new hire forms and information that automatically populates into payroll. No more wasting time chasing down employees for their W4, I9, and direct deposit information, and setting them up in payroll!

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Time & Attendance

If you don’t already have a time and attendance system, we can provide one to help you track employee hours, tips, schedules, overtime, and attendance.

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Tax Credits

We can help save you thousands of dollars by tracking your FICA tip credit, and by automating the process to take advantage of the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC).

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Why the Hospitality Industry Chooses Us


Don’t risk fines and penalties by ignoring minimum wage, tip allocation, and overtime requirements. Time & Pay will track each of these, and make any adjustments necessary to keep you compliant.


Don’t waste your time manually entering information into an online portal. Send us a report from whatever system you’re using to track employee hours and tips and we’ll import it directly into our payroll system.

Service & Accessibility

Work with a dedicated customer service rep that knows and cares about your business and provides you a direct line of communication if you need immediate assistance.

Tax Savings

Tax incentives are available to you and we can answer your questions about what your business qualifies for each year. Let us help you save money simply by keeping more if it in your own pocket!

Our Clients say

Ready to make your payroll and HR processes even easier?