Time & Attendance

No More Wasted Time

Eliminating wasted time is a simple way to increase your organization’s bottom line. Our automated time and attendance systems will help you accurately track employee hours, reduce labor costs, build efficient schedules, and make payroll processing as simple as clicking a button.

How We Help

Reduce Labor Costs

We help reduce time theft by eliminating “rounding” and “buddy punching.” We can also minimize unnecessary overtime by setting up overtime alerts for employees approaching the limit.

Labor Tracking

Track labor costs across multiple jobs, departments, divisions, and locations.

Multiple Clock Options

We offer multiple solutions for employee punches, including our web-clock and mobile app options, as well as proximity, biometric, and facial recognition terminals.

Effective Scheduling Solutions

Create basic employee schedules, or build and manage schedules based on budgets and personnel requirements to make sure you are never over or under staffed.


Track and maintain employee time and attendance records to substantiate compliance with Department of Labor regulations.

Employee Self-Service

Give employees the ability to view their schedules, timecards, and PTO balances, as well as request time off through our online portal and mobile app.

See How It Works

Optimize Employee Schedules!

Track Employee Hours!

Our Simple Process

Manage Timecards

Easily identify missed punches, and make any necessary changes

Approve Timecards

Management, supervisors, and employees can approve their timecards.

Submit to Payroll

Once approved, employee time will import directly into our payroll system.

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Stop Wasting Time!