Payroll and HR play a huge role in providing the information you need to maximize both efficiency and profitability for your manufacturing company. Time & Pay provides the tools needed to help you better manage your employees and labor costs, and ensure your organization functions like a well-oiled machine!

Payroll Services

The payroll process affects everything from HR to accounting. Time & Pay will take care of tax and ACA compliance, while providing you with the information your company relies on to operate effectively and efficiently.

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Labor Costs

Do your employees work in multiple departments, have multiple pay rates, shift differentials, or piece-work pay? We make tracking your labor costs simple no matter how your employees are paid!

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Scheduling & Attendance

Our scheduling solutions will help you establish efficient schedules, manage time off requests, track attendance, fill vacancies, and give you greater control over your workforce and labor costs.

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Human Resources

Maintaining and tracking employee information from hire to retire through our cloud-based HRIS will help you maximize employee retention, and minimize your workload!

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Why Manufacturing Chooses Us


If you know payroll, you know mistakes can happen. Our policies and procedures ensure that payroll is processed as accurately as possible, as often as possible. We guarantee that if a problem does arise, whether it’s your fault or ours, we will work to fix that problem immediately!


For years, our clients have trusted us to help them stay compliant with IRS, DOL, and ACA regulations. If compliance in these areas keeps you up at night, we can help!

Employee Management

We give your HR team, managers, and employees access to the information they need to perform to the best of their abilities.

Tax Credit

Our payroll system can help you easily identify and solidify thousands of dollars in tax credits through the Work Opportunity Tax Credit!

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Ready to make your payroll and HR processes even easier?