Payroll Tax Deferrals Update

What's New? Over the weekend, President Trump issued an executive memorandum that will give employees the option to suspend the collection of their Social Security payroll taxes. This option will be made available to employees [...]

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PPP Loan Forgiveness Update

What's New? President Trump has officially signed a bill passed by the House and the Senate that loosens the requirements for PPP Loan forgiveness.  This bill was passed in response to feedback that suggested more [...]

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FFCRA Sick and Family Leave Form

A REQUIRED FFCRA SICK AND FAMILY LEAVE FORM CAN BE FOUND HERE: Download FFCRA Sick and Family Leave Form and Guide What's New? The U.S. Department of Labor has released the required information that employees [...]

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Coronavirus Related Scams

What's New The IRS recently released a warning regarding coronavirus related scams tied to the recent loans grants, and tax incentives available through the CARES Act.  The stimulus package has made trillions of dollars available [...]

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CARES Act Summary

What's New The CARES Act was signed into law on Friday, March 27th.  The bill is a stimulus package to help relieve some of the financial burden to businesses and individuals caused by the COVID-19 [...]

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Families First Coronavirus Response Act Notice

What's New? The Department of Labor is requiring employers to post a notice regarding the Families First Coronavirus Response Act so that employees are aware of their rights as required by the new bill.  All [...]

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