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Payroll is so much more than just a paycheck! Whether you have 2 or 2000 employees, you are in 1 or 50 states, or you are a new or well established company, Time & Pay can provide you with cost-effective systems and services that help you better manage your payroll, your employees and your business. Most of all, we will back you up with the customer service you expect and deserve.
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“From the start, Time & Pay has worked with us in many aspects of payroll and HR as we have grown from a single facility to a multi-state operation. They have allowed us to concentrate on that expansion while they have focused on keeping us compliant with payroll and timekeeping regulations. There customer service is exemplary! They are great to work with.”
-J G – Prime Choice Foods, Denver, CO
“As a new company to Johnson City, we were glad to find a local quality payroll service provider. We had used a national provider in Florida and were well aware of the advantages of outsourcing. Time & Pay offers all that the big national firms provide and more, including local, prompt and courteous customer service!”
-K H – JD Squared, Johnson City, TN
A while back, the state came to our office to audit our payroll records. When the auditor found out Time & Pay did our payroll, she stopped, packed her briefcase and informed us there was no need for the audit. She was very confident we were compliant.
-K B – GR&P Co. Bristol, TN
“We find your integrated timekeeping and payroll easy to use and more accurate than the time sheets we were using. My time is now freed up to take care of my patients and other aspects of my business. Thanks for making the transition to outsourcing my payroll easy and cost effective.”
-B W – Westmoreland, DDS, Johnson City, TN
“As a former customer of one of those big national firms, not only does Time & Pay perform better in the payroll processing area with better products and services, but you are also way ahead of them in the customer service area. It is a pleasure working with your staff knowing that any help we need is readily available.”
-C – Comprehensive Community Services, Johnson City, TN
Time & Pay is a godsend for a small business like mine. I no longer have to worry about paying my employees or my payroll taxes accurately or on time! Time & Pay takes care of everything for me!
-B M – Stellar Studios, Johnson City, TN
“Time & Pay does a great job handling both our corporate and independent store accounts. The flexibility of their on-line capabilities gives us the information we need when we need it. Their response to our diverse needs has been excellent.”
-B G – HobbyTown USA, Omaha, Nebraska
“After working with one of the national firms, the transition to Time & Pay was easy and beneficial. Their products and services exceeded what we were getting, were more cost effective, and their customer service goes above and beyond. We are very happy we made the change.”
-R V – Mountain Treasure Corral, Kingsport, TN

It is no wonder you are looking to outsource your payroll!

Payroll tax and employer regulations are getting more complicated every day. The cost of non-compliance can literally put you out of business. The staff at Time & Pay appreciates the opportunity to help you ensure your business’s success.