Mobile TimeKeeping

Track On-The-Go Employees with Mobile Timekeeping

Time & Pay offers a mobile timekeeping app, TimeWorks Mobile, to companies who need to track time for employees that work out in the field. This app is available for all Android and Apple devices, and integrates directly with TimeWorks Plus, so all data is available in real time.

The app also has GPS capabilities through Mobile Location Management so that you can set up geofences, and track the exact location employees are clocking in and out. TimeWorks Mobile is perfect for service technicians, home-health providers, and any employee that works at multiple locations throughout the day.

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Author: Andy Scheu
Andy was just six years old when his father started Time & Pay and has watched it grow from a one-man show to an organization with more 15 employees, helping over 800 companies across the country. He was honored to become a part of Time & Pay in 2010 as an account executive and began growing their customer base in the Chattanooga, TN area. Now acting as Director of Marketing and Sales, Andy works to ensure that Time & Pay remains loyal to the mission established by its founder over 25 years ago..."to be the provider by choice of quality, cost effective Payroll, Timekeeping and HR solutions to businesses, that will maximize customer satisfaction, while maintaining our profitability.”

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