Simplify Your Benefits Enrollment Process with Time & Pay

Why use Time & Pay’s Benefits Enrollment System?

Time & Pay offers a comprehensive benefits enrollment and administration system through Payentry Benefits.  Payentry’s Benefits is a full suite of benefits enrollment, insurance carrier connections, and COBRA administration, providing users the tools to streamline the time intensive tasks associated with employee benefit enrollment and administration. Payentry’s mobile group benefits administration and enrollment functionality will provide you and your staff with all of the necessary information needed to decide which benefit plans are best for your organization.

You don’t have to worry about all of the mundane administrative work, we will handle that while you focus on keeping your business growing and thriving. Traveling and want to change your benefit plan? No problem! With Payentry, you can do this with ease right from your iPad or mobile device. This modern solution simplifies compliance with COBRA and the Affordable Care Act. All forms are digitized, so nothing will ever be lost and can be accessed all in one convenient location on Payentry.

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