Early Wage Access Will Lower Employee Financial Stress

Are your employees stressed about their financial situation?  Do they have trouble paying bills on time because they have to wait for “payday”?  Do they continuously ask for pay advances?  If so, Time & Pay’s Early Wage Access service through ZayZoon can help reduce your employees’ stress, and eliminate the risk and administration involved with advancing your employees money!

This service is offered to Time & Pay clients at no cost to the employer!  Employees simply create a ZayZoon account and request an amount up to $200. If approved, ZayZoon will make the deposit into their bank account, and the money will automatically be paid back to ZayZoon through payroll.  Contact us today to learn more!

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  • Increase Cash Flow

    All Time & Pay customers have access to this service at no cost.  No more cash flow disruptions caused by pay advances!
  • No Risk

    If ZayZoon is not able to collect the advance from the employee, the employer will not be asked to pay back the money owed.  No more worrying that an employee will quit before repaying a payroll loan!
  • No Administration

    ZayZoon is fully integrated with our payroll system, so no administration through payroll is necessary.  No more tracking employee loans and loan payments through payroll!
  • Increase Retention and Productivity

    38% of employees say that financial stress become a distraction at work. By giving employees a way to smooth their cash flow, employees will be less stressed more productive, and stay longer!