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The Department of Labor is requiring employers to post a notice regarding the Families First Coronavirus Response Act so that employees are aware of their rights as required by the new bill.  All private sector employers with under 500 employees are required to provide their employees with this notice.  Posters may be posted internally, or emailed directly to those employees working remotely.


Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA)

The Families First Coronavirus Response Act requires some employers to provide their employees with paid sick and family leave if the employee is unable to work for reasons directly related to COVID-19.  Reasons include:

  • Employee is subject to a Federal, State, or local quarantine order related to COVID-19
  • Employee has been advised by a health care provider to self-quarantine due to COVID-19
  • Employee is experiencing COVID-19 symptons and is waiting for a diagnosis
  • Employee is providing care to an individual subject to a federal, state, or local quarantine order
  • Employee is providing care for an individual advised by a health care professional to self-quarantine
  • Employee is caring for their child whose school has been closed due to COVID-19 concerns
  • Employee is experiencing any other similar condition specified by the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services

Employees receiving sick leave will receive 100% of their wages, up to $511 each day, up to $5,110.

Employees receiving family leave will receive 2/3 or their wages, up to $200 each day, up to $2,000.

Time & Pay is committed to helping our clients, and all businesses in need navigate these uncertain times.  For more information regarding the Families First Coronavirus Response Act Notice, and other topics regarding COVID-19, visit our support center or contact us directly.


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