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IRS Initiates Paycheck Check-Up Week, March 26-April 1

The IRS has issued the new W-4 for 2018 taking into account the new Tax Act which went into effect in January.  (The Advi$or notes that what used to be a 2 page document is now 4 pages!)

Along with that release, the IRS launched a special week of activities on March 26 as the they continue efforts to encourage taxpayers to do a “paycheck check-up” to make sure they have the right amount of tax taken out of their paychecks for their personal situation. The IRS is emphasizing that all wage earners take a close look at their witholdings using their new tax calculator to make sure there are no surprises at the end of the year.

While many folks have noticed an increase in their take home pay as a result of the tax cut, many of those same individuals may also be in for a big surprise at the end of the year when they go to file.  This is primarily due to a change in items like child exemptions and other individual provisions that define what can be itemized and can be used to reduce your tax bill.

For example, those individuals who live in a state with an income tax used to be able to be able to itemize the full amount of that state income tax. The new Tax Act now caps the amount of state income tax that can be itemized at $10,000. This limit may increase the amount of taxable income for individuals in states like Virginia or Georgia, or particularly in states like New York or California where income tax rates are higher than the norm. So while an individual may see a reduction in their payroll taxes, at the end of the year, they may owe more income taxes due to a reduction in the amounts they can itemize.

To help individuals avoid an unpleasant surprise at the end of the year, the IRS has released a new tax withholding calculator to help them define their withholding taking into account the other provisions in the Tax Act.

(You can also find this calculator on Time & Pay’s Online Resources > Useful Payroll & HR Links.)

IRS officials recommend that two-earner couples and filers with large itemized deductions on Schedule A use this new calculator to help make sure they do not end up owing more at the end of the year than they were expecting. Experts also recommend that filers who claim more than 2 personal allowances in prior years check their withholding for 2018. The IRS notes that, as has always been their policy, there are penalties for income tax underpayments. However, indications are they may be considering some leniency for 2018 allowing tax payers to adjust to the new law.

The IRS estimates that 65% of tax filers will see a reduction in their income taxes due to this new law, while 6%, primarily top wage earners, will see an increase. The remaining wage earners will see no change.


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