IRS Sites New Scam Used by Cybercriminals

IRS notes 60% increase in number of successful cybercriminal attacks Security experts and the IRS, including tax industry and state tax authorities, cautioned tax professionals to be on the alert for tax season cybercriminals that are helping fuel a dramatic uptick in reports of taxpayer data thefts from tax practitioner offices. The IRS has seen [...]

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Are Employees Free to Discuss Their Wages?

Employers are often concerned about employee discussions regarding their wages and benefits. While they may not like such discussions, employers should take note that they may not prohibit, or even hint at consequences, if employees discuss their compensation amongst each other. Employers may not in any way discipline or react in a negative way towards [...]

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IRS Issues New W-4

IRS Initiates Paycheck Check-Up Week, March 26-April 1 The IRS has issued the new W-4 for 2018 taking into account the new Tax Act which went into effect in January.  (The Advi$or notes that what used to be a 2 page document is now 4 pages!) Along with that release, the IRS launched a special week of [...]

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