Tennessee Unemployment Taxes (SUTA) to Decline in 2018
The Tennessee Dept of Revenue notified employers that the State Unemployment Wage Cap will be reduced from $8,000 to $7,000, thus reducing the amount of state unemployment payroll taxes employers will pay in 2018. Good news!

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The Wage Cap is the amount of wages paid to employees that are subject to State Unemployment Taxes (SUTA). Tennessee uses the size of the Unemployment Trust Fund to determine the Wage Cap. In 2008-09 when unemployment was high, thus resulting in significantly greater disbursement of unemployment benefits, the Trust Fund balance was reduced to a level that required the wage cap to be increased to $9,000. As the economy improved, the Trust Fund balance grew thus allowing the state to lower the Wage Cap to $8,000 a few years ago and now $7,000. This is the lowest the Wage Cap will go.

For employers paying the standard tax rate of 2.7%, this new Wage Cap will result in a $27 annual savings per employee. Each employer’s savings will be dependent on their SUTA tax rate.
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