Minimum Wage to Increase in Some States

Mid 2014 brings minimum wage increases to a number of locations. The hourly minimum wage rate is to increase July 1 in two states and the District of Columbia, with rate changes coming over the next few months in other states. Wage rate increases that take effect July 1: • California: The state's hourly minimum wage [...]

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Payroll News

Changes in FLSA expected in November: In response to President Obama's executive order declaring that the FLSA protections should cover more employees, the Dept of Labor has declared that they expect to announce the FLSA OT wage cap in November of 2014. The current wage cap is $455 per week meaning that any employee who [...]

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IRS Issues Affordable Care Act Regulations

The IRS has now issued final regulations defining the employer reporting requirements as a result of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). These clarifications do permit combined reporting for the multiple requirements and can simplify reporting where a large employer provides affordable group health coverage which is of minimum value to almost all of its employees. Related to reporting, [...]

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