At Time & Pay, we understand there is more to payroll than just a paycheck. The payroll process involves so many aspects of your business from managing your HR liabilities to helping your employees get the most out of their employment with your company while you get the best from them.Handshake

We know payroll!  We also understand we cannot be experts in all these other aspects of your employee management. We have 2 options. We can be like the big boys and go out and buy that expertise and try to roll it into our offerings as our own, even though it may not integrate well into our organization or processes. Or we can form professional partnerships that fit our business model with other experts in their field.

We have chosen this approach. It allows us to focus on providing the best in payroll while our partners provide products and services that are a cut above the norm, the best, most cost effective services available, and the best in customer service.

These values are important to us in making sure our customers get the best value and their needs are met. To this end we have formed Professional Partnerships with the following companies:

We carefully screen and select our partners to make sure their products and services integrate well with our operation and systems and with the understanding that their primary interest is in making sure you, our customers, are taken care of with the products and services you need to better manage your employees and your business and make your business a success. We are proud to work with these companies.