Using Criminal Background Checks Services is important for protecting your business. Time & Pay has a professional partnership with National Crime Search (NCS) to allow our customers utilization of one of the largest, most dependable criminal background check operations in the US at very affordable rates. You can learn more about this service on this page.

Time & Pay performs background checks on all of its employees. While doing so, we have learned about the background check process. The purpose of this article is to help educate you on that process.

It is very important that you get permission in writing from the individual to do the background check. Make sure you get the applicant to fill out and sign a Consent form. This is required by law. This grants you permission to do your background check. Consent forms can be found on our Time & Pay/NCS site  once you register as a customer. Note certain states have specific Consent Forms. 

The completed form provides you with the applicant’s name, social security number, birth date as well as other necessary information pertaining to the applicant and enough information to help you narrow your search on the nationwide database. As you do your background check, you will find that it is not just a matter of sticking this information into the system and out comes a background report. In this day and age of identity theft and other personal security issues, it is not that simple.

All criminal records are public records. Anyone can go down to the local County court house, ask for the criminal records on John Doe, and get all the recent (7 to 10 yrs) information available on that individual. Therefore, there are no criminal records that contain social security numbers. (Or at least there shouldn’t be!)  Thus when you go to do an initial nationwide search for criminal records, all they will ask for is the person’s name and date of birth (DOB). Chances are, you will get results that list numerous individuals with the same name. In most cases, the DOB in the records found will coincide with your individual and help narrow your result choices, but DOB is often not included in the court records.

According to the people in the background check industry, the most effective method to check a person’s background is to make sure you utilize a Social Security Trace (SS Trace). The NCS background check service includes a Social Security Trace used to confirm that the SSN provided by the individual is a legitimate number (Note, it does not verify the person assigned to this number, only if it is a legitimate SSN and where it was issued.)  Then, it will “trace”Criminal that number. This trace will provide you with information from the last 7 to 10 years as to who has been using that SSN and where they have resided (primarily based on credit applications). This will help NCS verify that the information provided by the applicant coincides with the information provided in the “trace”. It helps the NCS system process the criminal background check on the correct individual.

The background check will check as many court records as possible. Sometimes County court records are included, sometimes they are not. It depends on the state. For Tennessee searches, NCS is confident their searches include a good amount of County records. (NCS provides information in their system describing the depth of their searches by state.) However, if you find it is necessary, you can do a more thorough background check that includes County information from the County you know the individual resided in based on the information obtained from the SS# trace and background check. This additional search increases the odds of researching the correct individual and determining if that person has any local criminal records.

Note that in order to do background checks, you have to verify with NCS that you are a legitimate business using their services for legitimate reasons. When you register to use the service, NCS will use the information provided to make sure you are qualified to perform background checks. Just as you want to make sure you do not hire a crook, background check services must make sure the person requesting background information is also not a con artist.  Once authorized, you will have access to SSN information, motor vehicle records, etc. This is why it is important to background check services that you prove to them that you are legitimate and have valid reasons to request background information. If all the company information provided checks out, they will provide you with authorization to use the system. Time & Pay will work with NCS to confirm the legitimacy of your business and requests.

Hiring law abiding individuals is important to your businesses success. Criminal background check services are just one tool you can use to ensure you are hiring the right people. Please let us know if you need any further information regarding background check services. Again, be aware that looking into a person’s background is a Federally regulated area. People have privacy rights and you must conform with Federal standards while performing your checks and make sure you do not violate your job candidate’s rights. If you have any questions concerning the legal ramifications of performing background checks of any nature, we suggest you discuss the matter with NCS, seek qualified legal counsel or contact a SESCO representative.


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